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Programme 2019

The Programme for the CSSiP 2019

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Monday,  August 19

3:00      Opening

3:15       Lecture I

              Knowledge, Truth and Epistemic Norms

              Clayton Littlejohn

7:00       Public Lecture II:

              On the Value of Knowledge and Truth

              Clayton Littlejohn


9:00       Reception


Tuesday, August 20

11:00     Lecture III:

              The Internalism-Externalism Debate

              Clayton Littlejohn

2:30       Critical comment:

              Andreas Müller (Frankfurt)

              Get Real and Stop Making Sense?

              On Littlejohn’s Commitments on

              Reasons and Rationality

3:45       Critical comment:

              Dario Mortini (Glasgow)

              On the Evidential Divorce of Rationality

              and Justification


Wednesday, August 21 (Day Off)


Thursday, August 22

11:00     Lecture IV

              The Evidentialist Challenge

              Clayton Littlejohn

2:30       Critical comment:

              Kolja Keller (Rochester)

              Comments on Littlejohn’s Garden of Forking Paths

3:45       Critical comment:

              Ray Cheung (Hong Kong)

              An Ignorance of Obligations Explanation

              Of Blamelessness

5:00       Critical comment

              Francesco Praolini (Cologne)



7:00       Farewell Dinner                                                                 


Friday, August 23

11:00     Lecture V:

              Excuses and Subjective Epistemic Rightness

              Clayton Littlejohn

3:00       Lecture VI:

              Epistemic Goods and Practical Rationality

             Clayton Littlejohn

Programm 2018

Das Programm der Cologne Summer School in Philosophy 2018 ist hier aufrufbar.