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Cologne Summer School in Philosophy
with Thomas Grundmann

The 15th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSiP) on

The Epistemology of Philosophy: A Priori - Disagreement - Authority

takes place in Cologne from July 20 to July 24, 2020Our special guest is Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne). Over the last two decades, he has addressed some of the most fundamental questions about philosophical methodology in original and thought-provoking ways. Grundmann defends the evidential role of intuitions in thought experiments and suggests a new criterion for the distinction between a priori and a posteriori knowledge. He argues that philosophy can survive the skeptical challenge from ubiquitous disagreement and is a proponent of the authority view about experts with an eye on its implications for philosophy. The summer school will focus on the following topics:

  • The structure of thought experiments
  • Intuitions as a priori evidence
  • The epistemology of disagreement
  • Identifying philosophical peers
  • The preemption view of authority
  • The role of experts in philosophy

The following philosophers have also been invited to give short presentations: Elke Brendel, Albert Casullo, Anna-Maria Eder, Sanford Goldberg, Frank Hofmann, Joachim Horvath, Christoph Jäger, Jens Kipper, Jennifer Lackey, Mona Simion, Karsten Stüber, Konrad Utz. 

The summer school will address graduate students and professional philosophers in general, but it is also open to others.

Attendance is free but limited to 60 participants who we will select based on their motivation and qualification. The deadline for application is April 15, 2020. Please submit a short letter that sketches your academic background and your motivation for participating in the summer school. We will inform you about the result of your application soon after the deadline. 

Dr. Anna-Maria Eder
Philosophisches Seminar
Universität zu Köln