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Public Lecture (31.07. 18:00h)

The Quest to Discover What is Uniquely Human

Many people have sought to discover some quality or ability that is uniquely human.  To the extent that we need such a discovery, I propose that we can find it by pursuing the analogy drawn in Plato's Republic between the virtue of a person and the virtue of a state. If there is something uniquely human, I propose it is a particular organization of one's capacities. I then elaborate the kind of organization it is by appeal to a reading of Descartes's Meditations.


The public lecture takes place n the Seminargebäude of the University of Cologne. You can find the location via the map below or manually via the following link or Google Maps.

The address is as follows:
Seminargebäude Universität zu Köln (Gebäude 106)
Universitätsstraße 37, 50931 Köln